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Studying Maths at Cambridge is demanding, but very interesting. The first year of the course builds a solid foundation of knowledge, and then the many optional modules available in later years allow you to specialise in the topics you really enjoy. One of the main benefits of our shorter, fast paced terms is the amount of progress you make in such a short time.

Jesus is one of the friendliest Colleges. It has a medium sized cohort, which means you get to interact with a huge variety of people while still being able to get to know everyone really well.

The College provides lots of opportunities to talk to tutors, as well as weekly supervisions. These ensure you get a thorough understanding of the topic, and help you improve as a mathematician. Having a Director of Studies and supervisors that genuinely care about your education and well-being helps you not only to excel at the academic side of university life, but also to manage your mental health while in College.

Another great thing about Jesus is the accommodation. Onsite accommodation is available throughout your degree, so you are never too far from brunch in the cafeteria. Most first year rooms are ensuite, and you get the opportunity to live in shared houses in later years. We’re also lucky enough to have sports pitches onsite, which is excellent for both College sport and a quick football break between problem sheets!

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