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I enjoy the strong scientific focus of the Medicine course at Cambridge for the first three pre-clinical years. The way the course is delivered is unique and, while it’s not for everyone, it is something that really pushes me. Despite the initial scientific focus, there is plenty of opportunity to see the clinical side with the ‘Preparing for Patients’ course, and through optional clinical sessions held by the upper year Jesus clinical medics.

Jesus College itself has such beautiful grounds and is a wonderful place to study. It has so much green space, which gives it a really calming atmosphere. 

The community of people here is so friendly. There's definitely a strong sense of College spirit on campus and people are very approachable so it's easy to make friends. People have strong passions and interests which results in a really vibrant and interesting community to be a part of.

There is so much support available in College and I believe this is a strong advantage of the collegiate system. The system means that every year group in Cambridge is split across 31 colleges that have a smaller, more compact population, so you belong both to the university and to your smaller college community. With your college family, the Jesus College Student Union, academic support (director of studies and supervisors) there's always someone looking out for you.

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