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How much will it cost to study at Jesus College? Find out more about tuition fees and likely living costs.

Tuition fees

Students from the UK and European Union

Tuition fees for students qualifying for Home fee status are regulated and capped by the government. Details of fees for 2020-21 can be found on the University's website.

Currently, Home students can take out a government loan for their tuition fees. If you do this you can defer payment of the loan until after you’ve left university and are earning a certain minimum salary, at which point you’ll start to repay the loan in instalments.

Tuition fees for undergraduate EU students who are already studying at Cambridge, or who start their studies in in 2020, will be the same as those for Home students. The fee status of EU nationals for 2021 entry onwards has yet to be determined by the UK government. EU students should check the University website for updates.  

Overseas students

Whether you're counted as an overseas student depends on where you live and your nationality. If you've been living in the UK for reasons other than education, for three years immediately before the start of your university course, you typically won't be defined as an overseas student. Home (UK and EU) students whose families have been temporarily posted abroad usually won't be considered as overseas students either. 

Tuition fees for overseas students vary depending on the subject you're studying, please check the fee levels for 2020-21 and try to allow for increases over the next few years.

International students also have to pay an additional College fee each year, which varies slightly between Colleges. For 2020-21 our fee is £9,922

Living costs

We offer accommodation to all undergraduates throughout their course.

Your total living costs - including rent, food, books and study materials, clothing, entertainment etc - will obviously depend on your lifestyle, but we estimate that around £9,420 a year should cover everything for a home (UK or EU) student in 2020 - 21.

If you're an overseas student your expenses may be higher, for instance if you have to stay in the UK during vacations. Again, living costs will vary by lifestyle, but we estimate that you'll need around £11,350.

The University website has a more detailed breakdown of estimated living costs.

Further information

Don't worry that you won't be able to afford to study with us. Financial help is available from the College and the University.

Find out more about applying to Jesus College, or for more information email us on

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