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Dates and deadlines

Thinking of applying to study at Jesus? Here's our application timetable for 2018-2019.

Early September 2018
Universities and Colleges Admissions Service​ (UCAS) opens for applications for 2018-2019.

1 September 2018
This is the deadline to apply for an organ scholarship.

20 September 2018
If you wish to be interviewed in China, Malaysia, or Singapore this is the deadline to submit your UCAS and Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA) applications and transcripts. 

30 September 2018
If you're applying to study Medicine or Veterinary Medicine this is the registration deadline for the BioMedical Admissions Test​ (BMAT).

15 October 2018
This is the deadline for UCAS applications for all students except those wishing to be interviewed in China, Malaysia, or Singapore (for which the deadline is 20 September 2017).
This is also the deadline to register for any pre-interview assessments, other than the BMAT.

19 October 2018
This is the deadline for COPA applications from overseas students who wish to be interviewed in Cambridge, and for students wishing to be interviewed in Australia, Canada, or Hong Kong.

22 October 2018
This is the deadline to submit your completed Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ) and transcripts.

31 October 2018
Selected courses will hold their pre-interview assessments on this day.

31 October 2018
If you're applying to study Medicine and Veterinary Medicine this is when you'll take the BMAT.

8 November 2018
This is the deadline to submit written work if you're applying to a subject that has requested it.

Mid to late November 2018
If your application is successful you'll get an email inviting you to an interview. If your application was unsuccessful you'll receive a letter to let you know.

First two weeks of December 2018
This is when your interview will take place, and possibly an assessment, depending on the course you have applied for.

January 2019
This is when emails will be sent to let you know if you're being offered a place or if your application is unsuccessful.

15 February 2019
If you're applying for an Choral Award, this is the deadline.

28 February 2019
If you're applying for an Instrumental Award, this is the deadline.

Mid August 2019
If you've been offered a place you'll receive your final decision letter after your A-Level results have been published. 

Early September 2019
If you've met the conditions of your offer and accepted it, you'll get your Freshers’ Pack by email.

End of September to early October 2019
Your first term will begin!

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