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I chose to study Chemical Engineering at Jesus College, mainly because I thoroughly enjoyed the subjects that I studied at A-Level (Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, and Physics). The course was a natural combination of everything that I’d studied so far, and I’d decided that I wanted a practical career within industry. The course at Cambridge is different to the course at many other universities across the country; rather than immediately studying Chemical Engineering, you choose to study either General Engineering or Natural Sciences in your first year.

You’re taught and supervised by some of the absolute experts in the field, often the people who are writing the textbooks. They’re constantly looking to stretch and challenge you, and if you have any problems with a topic or concept they’re more than happy to take the time to explain it in a different way. In my experience after this, more often than not, it just clicks. My fourth year research project has been absolutely fascinating - I’ve been investigating ways in which vaccines that are injected via needle might actually be taken via tablet in the future, potentially saving millions of lives a year. At first glance, this might not seem like the sort of large scale problem that a Chemical Engineer might be expected to solve, however it’s a team effort. I’m continuing work that biologists started, for example. Not only does this sort of work use the theoretical knowledge you build up during your degree, you also develop your practical skills, working with some absolutely cutting edge equipment.

Jesus College has something for everyone. Sport, music, drama, and if there’s an interest that you have that isn’t already catered for it's dead easy to find like minded people and set up your own group with funding from the student union. On that note, our student union is extremely active, ensuring that our voices are heard. They also organise a boatload of social events! We’re a College envied for our friendly and inclusive atmosphere, and most people find themselves with a wide group of friends, from a diverse range of backgrounds.

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