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The central website provides extensive links to other independent sites, within our College website, the University of Cambridge websites and elsewhere. This policy applies only to direct access to the Jesus College website.

Data protection and GDPR

Visit our Data Protection page to find GDPR-compliant data protection statements for the College website and other areas of College operations.

Data collected

In common with most websites, this site automatically logs certain information about every request made of it (see below for more details). This information is used for system administration, for bug tracking, and for producing usage statistics. The logged information may be kept indefinitely.

Relevant subsets of this data may be passed to computer security teams as part of investigations of computer misuse involving this site or other computing equipment in Jesus College and the University of Cambridge. Data may be passed to the administrators of other computer systems to enable investigation of problems in accessing this site or of system misconfigurations. Data may incidentally be included in information passed to contractors and computer maintenance organisations working for the University, in which case it will be covered by appropriate non-disclosure agreements. Otherwise the logged information is not passed to any third party except if required by law. Summary statistics are extracted from this data and some of these may be made publicly available, but those that are do not include information from which individuals could be identified.

This site may use web cookies as part of user authentication (login) and to store information needed by other facilities. This site will be running Google analytics, which uses cookies for tracking visitors to the site. This is to gain more complete data on site use and will support the ongoing web review. Please be aware that this site uses social media plugins which may store their own cookies.

Logged data

The following data is automatically logged for each request:

  • The name or network address of the computer making the request. Note that under some (but not all) circumstances it may be possible to infer from this the identity of the person making the request. Note also that the data recorded may be that of a web proxy rather than that of the originating client
  • The username, when known during authenticated (logged in) access to the site
  • The date and time of connection
  • The HTTP request, which contains the identification of the document requested
  • The status code of the request (success or failure etc)
  • The number of data bytes sent in response
  • The contents of the HTTP Referrer header supplied by the browser
  • The content of the HTTP User-Agent header supplied by the browser.

Logging of additional data may be enabled temporarily from time to time for specific purposes. In addition, the computers on which the website is hosted keep records of attempts (authorised and unauthorised) to use them for purposes other than access to the web server. This data typically includes the date and time of the attempt, the service to which access was attempted, the name or network address of the computer making the connection, and may include details of what was done or was attempted to be done.


When you first visit the site we inform you that we are using cookies and offer you the choice of opting in and out of the various categories of cookies we use. You can change your cookie preferences at any time by selecting 'cookie preferences' in the footer menu.

The following cookies are used on the site:

DRUPAL_UID Sets a unique ID for the user who is logged in to the site. 3 weeks
LASSO Sets a unique ID for the user who is logged in to the site. Lasts only for the current session
SSESS* Sets a unique ID for the user for the current session. 3 weeks
_ga, _gid
  • We use Google Analytics to monitor traffic levels, search queries and visits to this website.
  • Google Analytics stores IP address anonymously on its servers in the US, and neither CIVIC or Google associate your IP address with any personally identifiable information.
  • These cookies enable Google Analytics to determine whether you are a return visitor to the site, and to track the pages that you visit during your session.
  • _ga: 2 years
  • _gid: 2 days
has_js Registers whether or not the user has activated JavaScript in the browser. Lasts only for the current session
CookieControl Remembers your preferences in regards to cookies. 3 months

Last changed: 08 April 2019 - amendments to cookie information.

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