Image of Lewis smiling at camera.


I've thoroughly enjoyed studying Human, Social, and Political Sciences (HSPS) at Jesus. I was nervous before I arrived, but the friendly community of students and staff immediately put me at ease. Not only is the college library a great place to study, it can also get pretty much any book for you on request! Great for a sudden wave of inspiration based on something off the reading list...

Outside of academia, the college has been ramping up its connections to industry and career support, which has been invaluable in calming any anxieties about applying for jobs and carving out a career.

Accommodation at Jesus is consistently of a high quality and great value, and the ability to stay with your friends without dealing with random landlords has been a big weight lifted. I am so happy I chose Jesus when I applied, and many of my friends at other colleges say that they wish they'd applied here too!

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