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Studying Archaeology at Jesus has been a fantastic experience. For the last three years, I have been able to choose from an enormous range of papers, allowing me to tailor the course to my personal areas of interest. Throughout this, I have benefited from the continued support of (among other brilliant academic staff in College) an archaeologically-specialised Director of Studies and a well stocked archaeology section in the College library, meaning I rarely need to borrow from the department.

Jesus College also offers a range of travel and study grants which I have found invaluable in assisting me with voluntary summer fieldwork, which is an essential part of the Archaeology degree. Overall, I have found Jesus the perfect backdrop for archaeology; providing academic and pastoral support, as well as a thriving social and extracurricular environment. Unsurprisingly, I intend to delay having to leave for at least one more year, and am planning to undertake a Master’s in Archaeology at Jesus next year.

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