Image of Photo of Natural Sciences (Biological) student


I am a second year Natural Scientist at Jesus College studying biochemistry, cell and developmental biology and chemistry. I was particularly drawn to this course as it offers a wide range of both physical and biological subjects, with the opportunity to increasingly specialise over the years. For me studying in this multidisciplinary environment has been hugely beneficial and will be a great advantage for later research.

For Natural Science students, a lot of the contact time is at the University level. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to meet people from a variety of Colleges through lectures and practical sessions. Nevertheless, I have found that Jesus College has played an integral part in my academic studies over the last two years. There has been huge involvement from my Director of Studies, supervisors, and the student body, who have guided and supported me through all my subjects.

Jesus College also has its own Biology Society, which has created an informal and vibrant community amongst the scientists at the College.

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