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Past events and reports

Since 2009, the Jesus College Perspectives have run events on the most vital issues faced today and in the future.

Jesus College Perspectives Conferences provide an opportunity for decision-makers from the frontlines of politics, the civil service, business, the professions, and the media to exchange views on the vital issues of the day with leading academics. In addition to acting as a forum for the exchange of views on a range of major concerns, the  Conferences provide outreach to a wider professional, academic, student and alumni audience through the publication of reports. These reports can be downloaded, where available, below.

The Conferences are conducted under a modified Chatham House Rule, which also applied to tweets from the day, and therefore only those willing to have material attributed to them have been quoted. The reports do reveal the identity and affiliation of speakers and participants, unless they requested otherwise.

Since 2017, we have also produced infographics, which are available for download.

Hear from students


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