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Academic student and visiting programmes

The Intellectual Forum offers a range of programmes for visiting students, which act as an extension to their studies at a home institution or offer an introduction to the British and Cambridge higher education environment.

Our programmes can be as short as a half day, through to several weeks, and have been offered in person, blended, and entirely online. They are designed to complement a student’s degree programme or to extend it to include content unique to the UK.

Past programmes have ranged from a general introduction to studying the Liberal Arts to programmes for postgraduate pharmacists and medical students that extend their degree studies. We draw on the extensive expertise in the College and University as well as experts from Cambridge and around the UK.

The Intellectual Forum works with home institutions and external providers to offer programmes on a bespoke basis. This is not part of any degree-awarding activities at the University of Cambridge or Jesus College, and students would not matriculate as College Members, but can experience teaching and learning in the Cambridge setting. A home institution may choose to offer academic credits for completing our programmes. We can include certificates of participation and arrange a variety of visits and tours (for those programmes taking place in the College) to complement the academic content we offer.

Past participants in our programmes have commented:

We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students that the lectures and activities were intentionally structured in such a culturally responsive way to give students a holistic experience in Cambridge. The students loved the interactions with the instructors and peers and were driven to learn more every day there. I appreciate this collaboration with Jesus College that we could offer students exposure to other cultures and educational experiences. Nothing makes me happier than seeing our students truly benefited from this experience and continue to improve and thrive after their return. I want to thank this program for making such a significant impact on the students, and I look forward to our next visit! -Yujing, programme leader, 2019-2020 experience in Cambridge was unique and wonderful. I was able to immerse myself in the local academic environment and learn new things every day. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. I noticed my English greatly improved, in terms of both verbal and written communication, and I developed critical skills in independent thinking and team collaboration. I am very grateful for an opportunity like this, and I wish I could visit again soon. - Student, 2020

For more information or to discuss your programme needs, please email Dr Julian Huppert, our Director. Our Data Protection page has information about how we deal with your data.

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