Rustat Report on the Future of Work

On 22 November 2016, experts came together to consider key questions facing leaders and governments around the world about work. What is the destabilising effect of new technology on the workplace? What individuals will do with more time but less work? What is the role of fiscal policy in shaping human versus digital workforces? How should we prepare for living and working longer? How can we protect the labour market from political propaganda and short-term thinking?

The report covers the key points from the conference sessions:

  • What history can teach us about the future of work
  • The future of work in the gig economy
  • The second machine age and whether robots are a threat to work and wellbeing
  • The integration of human and digital labour in the organisation of the future, and whether we are in control of technology or it is controlling us
  • The Government’s perspective on the future of work and achieving a work-life balance.

About the Rustat Conference Report

A copy of the Report, including attendees and the agenda for the day, can be found here. The infographic for the event is available for download here.

This report was made possible through a collaboration with two Rustat Conferences members - Harvey Nash and KPMG - which are global consulting firms with expertise in technology and workforce development.

We would also like to thank our other Rustat Conference Members who kindly support the Conferences and the Reports.