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Global Issues Dialogue Centre

The Global Issues Dialogue Centre is committed to promoting active dialogues between academics, policy makers and business people around major issues we face in the world today and tomorrow.

These include the opportunities and impacts associated with new technologies, global governance, international development, health and welfare ecosystems, and changing societal norms and expectations.

The Global Issues Dialogue Centre conducts research projects and publishes findings on global issues. As part of its research programme, the Centre also conducts several dialogues each year, bringing together leading figures from across the world involved in civil society, politics, business, academia and global institutions, to discuss and develop potential ways of tackling issues of worldwide significance that can inform its research.


In 2018, the Centre was established following the award of a research grant by China’s National Development and Reform Commission, which arose in connection with the UK-China Research and Innovation Partnership (Newton Fund) run by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (now BIES). 

Since its establishment, when the Centre focused on the global implications of China’s rapid economic development over the past three decades, much has changed including increased recognition of the urgency of tackling issues of climate change, governance of new digital technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, and increased pressures on institutions concerned with international development and global governance. The Centre has sought to respond to these challenges by broadening its scope and ambitions to begin to address them.  

The Global Issues Dialogue Centre forms part of a wide range of global initiatives within the College, including the Cambridge Central Asia Forum, projects with South and Southeast Asia, and the China ForumOur work with China webpage contains an overview of the College's strategic work with China.

An international partnership

The Global Issues Dialogue Centre brings together key international partners, spanning Europe, the Americas, and Asia from academia, business, international and civil society institutions to help address global issues. We are supported by a distinguished and diverse Advisory Board drawn from around the world.

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If you would like to be involved in any aspect of the Centre’s work, please contact the Chair, Professor Peter Williamson, or the Deputy Director, Liying Guo.

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