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The Intellectual Forum seeks to engage a broad range of individuals and organisations in its many activities, events and programmes. We run a wide range of engagement schemes.

In Residence Programme

Among the facilities offered by Jesus College West Court are three well-appointed one-bedroom flats. We are interested in all areas who would be interested in participating in our In Residence programme. We are interested in people who would like to come to the Forum for between one and three months. Those in residence are expected to engaging the intellectual activities of the Forum, working with students, fellows, alumni, and broader public. We are delighted to work with applicants to obtain funding, including funding towards desk, accommodation, and related costs of participation. Please contact Dr Julian Huppert, our Director, to discuss the Programme.

Visiting Associates

We welcome expressions of interest from people who would like to work with us. We are interested in shorter-term projects and project interactions or longer-term associations. We may be able to offer desk space and support in identifying accommodation for those from outside Cambridge. In general, we do not have on-going paid research positions and therefore those looking to work with us will need to identify other forms of support or funding. Please contact Dr Julian Huppert, our Director, to discuss the Programme.


The Intellectual Forum has a particular remit to work closely with Alumni of the College.  We are particularly interested in hearing from any Alumni who would be interested in our activities. Some events and programmes may be open to Alumni only. Please contact our Director, Dr Julian Huppert, for more information.

Fellows' Conference Fund

We are pleased to announce a funding competition for Jesus Fellows to organise an interdisciplinary conference or similar event, which would be funded totally or in part by the Intellectual Forum. In line with our aim to encourage interdisciplinary research and intellectual engagement in devising innovative responses to 21st Century issues, we seek applications from groups of two or more Jesus Fellows from significantly different disciplines, working with another person (external organisations, alumni or other relevant individuals), to run an event in 2017-2018.

We will cover the costs for a day-long conference in the new Lecture Theatre for up to 100 attendees, including lunch, coffee, and a free dinner for 10 speakers, as well as half-price Bed and Breakfast accommodation in West Court for 10 overnight guests. The value of this package, at full external rates, would be just over £6,000. Fellows are also encouraged to seek additional funding, perhaps matched against this value, to expand the conference to cover more people, additional spaces at a dinner, more overnight accommodation, or a second day.

The Forum expects proposals to capitalise on the new West Court facilities, particularly encouraging innovative uses of the new spaces and technology. While not required to apply, we particularly encourage applications for activities using the new technology provided or for activities that integrate exhibitions, hackathons, or live-cam events. We also encourage applications that engage Fellows new to the College or in the early stages of their careers, although again this is not a requirement of the award.

Application forms can be obtained from Dr Sarah Steele and are due no later than 30th March 2017. If you wish to know more about the competition or to discuss your proposal, please contact Dr Julian Huppert.

Jesus College Intellectual Forum Student Internshipships Programme

From Summer 2017, the Jesus College Intellectual Forum will offer up to 3 internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students from Jesus College. The programme provides promising students the chance to experience interdisciplinary research and intellectual engagement, providing the opportunity to see a project from development through to delivery of a real output. The output can take many forms, including a report, event, POSTnote-style digest, or whatever else is appropriate to the subject matter.

During your time with us, you will be able to focus on your proposed issue or idea, engaging in innovative and creative thinking. The subject matter is up to you – the main requirement is that it is interesting, worthwhile, and has a real connection to the big issues in the current world or the future. We have some topics we are currently looking at – the future of work, ageing, climate change, and trust – to which we have established connections, but you do not have to stick to these.

You will need to be able to motivate yourself, as we will not provide detailed day-to-day supervision of your project. The Forum will offer a home for your project and provide advice and guidance, along with help making contacts to further your project or event. We will be available to talk regularly over the course of the programme.

We will offer up to 10 weeks full-time pay at the Living Wage (presently £8.45 per hour) and a desk, as well as support to find appropriate accommodation in College or in College-owned houses. We are also willing to consider part-time proposals, or proposals for shorter periods.

Application for 2017-2018 closed March 1. The scheme will open for applications again in 2018.

If you would like to be involved in any aspect of the Forum’s work, please contact either Dr Julian Huppert, our Director, or Dr Sarah Steele, our Coordinator.

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