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Rustat Report on Generations

Polling data from the EU Referendum and the 2017 General Election shows a growing political gap between people of different ages, and widening divides when it comes to housing, wealth, and even who we trust and how we perceive risk. At the Rustat Conference held on 21 June 2018, we asked ‘is there such a thing as a generation gap?’ and then explored:

  • How are generations presented? Are there really the conflicts portrayed by the press? Do meaningful generational differences exist?
  • Are there differences in political participation and political views between generations? Are differences greater within generations themselves?
  • How have changes in work, finance, and housing stock impacted on home ownership for current and future generations, and are they causing a generational housing crisis?
  • How is societal organisation changing and how can we reshape education and social institutions to encourage inter-generational interactions?
  • If generation gaps exist, how should we address them?


About the Rustat Conference Report

A report on the Conference can be found here. An infographic can be found below or downloaded here.

We would also like to thank our Rustat Conference Members who kindly support the Conferences and the Reports.

Authors: Jesus College undergraduate Freddie Preece (2015) took the lead in organising the Rustat Conference on Generations as part of the Intellectual Forum’s internship programme. He brought together decision-makers from the front lines of politics, business, finance, the media and education to discuss the vital issues with academic experts.  The Report was authored by: Freddie Preece, Todd Gillespie, Jenny Vass and Dr Sarah Steele

Infographic Design: Mat Hobson