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Academic conferences

Jesus College supports a range of academic conferences and initiatives throughout the year, in addition to the activities of the Intellectual Forum and the China Forum.

The Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime

Established over three decades ago, the annual Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime has established itself as a unique vehicle for promoting greater understanding of the real and practical issues involved in preventing and controlling economic crime, corruption and abuse, and thereby facilitating meaningful international co-operation.

Based at Jesus College, the Symposium is organised by a number of leading academic and research institutions around the world with the active support of many governments and organisations. You can read more on the Symposium website.

The Postgraduate Conference

The MCR's Postgraduate Conference offers students the chance to make the most of the collegiate system. It is open to all members of the Jesus College community, who come to hear what the postgraduates have been working on during the previous year. Around 15 students give oral presentations throughout the day and many more present their research as posters over lunch. The conference ends with a keynote speech by a leading academic. Please email the MCR's Academic Officer on if you would like to find out more about the conferences.

Postgraduate engineer Chris de Saxe said: “The Postgraduate Conference is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the important research contributions your fellow Jesuans are making, in a relaxed day of interesting talks and socialising. It’s also a great platform to practise presenting your work to a very forgiving audience! I would highly recommend making the time to attend and especially presenting if you can, even as a first year.”

The Keywords Project

The Keywords Project is a collaboration between Jesus College and the University of Pittsburgh which seeks to continue the work done by Raymond Williams in his book Keywords, published in 1976.

A Fellow of the College from 1961-1988, Williams examined the history of important terms in contemporary cultural and social debate as a way to understanding their often difficult and contradictory uses. The project revisits Williams’s key words, revising his entries, adding new ones, and taking advantage of electronic resources for lexical research unavailable when Keywords was written. You can read more on the Keywords Project website or contact Professor Stephen Heath for more details.

Science and Human Dimension Project

Science and Human Dimension Project (SHDP) is a public understanding of science, medicine and ethics programme based at Jesus College. Through conferences, lectures and publishing, SHDP brings together the scientific research community with experts from industry, government and the media to deepen and broaden their appreciation of new ideas and discoveries in science, and to ask searching questions about science’s impact on humanity.

Science and Human Dimension Project also addresses important ethical questions, such as the controversy over human embryonic stem cell research, super intelligent machines and artificial intelligence (AI), and the media coverage of ethics and faiths. You can read more on the SHDP website or contact Mr John Cornwell for more details. 

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