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Global issues dialogues

In connection with its research projects, the Global Issues Dialogue Centre conducts several dialogues at Jesus College Cambridge each year. These bring together leading figures from across the world involved in civil society, politics, business, academia and global institutions, to discuss and develop potential ways of tackling issues of worldwide significance.

Our first dialogue addressed the issue of developing multilateral solutions for global governance of the information and communications technology industry. Hosted at Jesus College in October 2019, it brought together a rich mix of participants drawn from academia, business, policy institutes, and international organisations to examine the growing challenges associated with the governance of international communications and data infrastructure and develop proposals for innovative, multilateral solutions.

Topics for 2021-22 include Implementing Agreements on Climate Change: Technological, Policy and Financing solutions.

Dialogue reports

The Centre is committed to contributing to public debate and policy formulation by disseminating a summary of its dialogues (unattributed to individual participants). The findings and proposals are shared widely.

The first of these is a white paper, Multilateral Solutions for Global Governance of the Information and Communications Technology Industry.

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If you would like to be involved in any aspect of the Centre’s work, please contact the Chair, Professor Peter Williamson, or the Deputy Director, Liying Guo.

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