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Jesus College has been at the heart of my Cambridge experience. I chose the College because I was impressed by its distinctive blend of academic rigour and extracurricular achievement. A College for all-rounders, Jesus is a lively and rewarding place to study. I couldn’t be happier here!

Friendly and engaged, the Jesus postgraduate community never ceases to impress me. At ease with themselves and forever curious, my peers go out of their way to cultivate a sense of camaraderie. After a day of leafing through old manuscripts at the National Archives, I’m always itching to get back. It’s a genuinely warm and welcoming place.

A large College, Jesus has been able to generously support regular research trips and conference attendance. This is a big plus in my opinion! The librarian has ordered an embarrassing number of books about Australian and New Zealand history for me, and College funding has supported everything from Māori lessons to conference participation in Queensland. This has made a significant difference to my time at Cambridge.

The kind and sociable DNA of Jesus, however, is what I most cherish. Postgraduate study at Cambridge is often demanding and stressful, which makes the wonderful support network that we have the envy of my fellow historians. Whether it’s talking to the porters about the latest rugby score, inflicting my poor but enthusiastic Italian on the Roost café staff, or simply getting a nice email from the Graduate Tutor, Jesus is a College for all seasons. I’m really lucky to call it home.

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