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Forthcoming events

The Intellectual Forum runs a diverse programme of events across the year, so please check back regularly and sign up for our mailing list.

We have the following scheduled events

Director's Discussion: Homelessness

10 May 2017, Brewery Room, West Court, Jesus College, Cambridge.

There is a large recent increase in the number of people who are homeless. As well as those caught by the official statistics, who may be sleeping rough or in a shelter, there are many whose homelessness is hidden - those who are in unsuitable or unstable accommodation, such as ‘sofa surfers’.

The factors driving homelessness and insecure accommodation are numerous and changing. The leading cause of homelessness is now the end of short assured tenancies in the private rented sector. Failing to prevent homelessness has a devastating impact on the individual and also financial cost implications, costing the taxpayer an annual gross cost of £1 billion. Without a permanent address many find it hard to access services, benefits and practical opportunities to find a job, get advice or vote. Tragically, this results in poorer quality of life and life expectancy. The average age of death for a street homeless person is only 47 years old.

This Director’s Discussion asks: how do we end homelessness in Britain? We bring together a panel of experts from academia, policy, and the Third Sector to discuss such pressing issues as how we address the huge shortage of housing, particularly affordable homes, across England; what the government must do to tackle homelessness and those facing insecure housing; what is needed to address short-fallings in social care and mental health services; and how we can better meet the particular needs of young rough sleepers in Cambridge.

Trust in the Age of Intelligent Machines

14 July 2017, West Court, Jesus College, Cambridge.

Trust holds societies together and grounds our relationships. To flourish, we need to trust other people and the institutions on which we depend, including government and the media.

New, intelligent technologies are transforming how we interact with people and institutions, and challenging established patterns of trust. Algorithms increasingly guide what we see, read, hear and buy, and may soon make critical determinations with life and death consequences. Robots are taking on more roles in society, including caring for the most vulnerable, such as children and the elderly.

The potential benefits from intelligent technology are enormous. But we will only realise this potential if we can engender the appropriate level of trust in the machines, and maintain trust in each other as society changes.

This one day symposium, part of CFI’s 2017 annual conference, in partnership with Jesus College’s Intellectual Forum, will gather a wide range of experts from different sectors to map the future of trust in the age of intelligent machines.

Save the Date: Next Rustat Conference

20-21 September 2017, West Court, Jesus College, Cambridge.

If you would like to be involved in any event or programme and need further information, please contact either Dr Julian Huppert, our Director, or Dr Sarah Steele, our Coordinator.

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