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Global issues research

Our interdisciplinary research projects draw on the expertise of members of Jesus College, the University of Cambridge and the wider global research community.

Current research projects

Data ethics and multinational technology companies

This research project explores how executives and employees at technology companies, policymakers, lawyers, and tech entrepreneurs should think about the issues of data ethics that are arising from their increasingly global activities.

Our first results are presented in this Data Ethics discussion paper.

China’s digital transformation

This research project seeks to gain a better understanding of the digital transformation underway in China and the implications for its economy, culture and society.

Conducted in partnership with the Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, the project focuses on three broad research questions: 

  • The antecedents of digital innovation and the rise of the digital economy in China;
  • The impacts of China’s digital transformation on its economy, society and culture;
  • The implications for the global competitiveness of Chinese companies and China’s changing role in the world.

Global digital governance

This research project explores the need for improved global governance arrangements for the information and communications technology industries and seeks to develop options for new approaches to global cooperation in digital governance.

Our results to date are presented in:

Previous research projects

Our previous projects researched the evolution of globalisation and recent pressures for de-globalisation, economic de-coupling and re-shoring and well as the internationalisation of companies headquartered in emerging economies, including China.


The Centre is committed to promoting dialogue through the dissemination of its research and the results of its activities to a wide audience.

Recent published works

  • “De-Globalisation and Decoupling: Post-COVID-19 Myths versus Realities”, Management and Organization Review, 2021, doi: 10.1017/mor.2020.80 P.J. Williamson.
  • "MNE liability of foreignness versus local firm-specific advantages: The case of the Chinese management software industry." International Business Review, 2020, 29(1): 1-10. F. Wan, P.J. Williamson and N.R. Pandit.
  • "Rivalry between emerging-market MNEs and developed-country MNEs: Capability holes and the race to the future." Business Horizons, 2019, 62: 157-169. R. Ramamurti & P.J. Williamson.
  • "Enabling cost innovation by non-traditional organizational processes: the case of Chinese firms." Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2019, 139: 352-361. F. Wan, P.J. Williamson and E. Yin.
  • "How Real are the Opportunities for Multinationals in China?" The Oxford Handbook of Management in Emerging Markets, 2018 P.J. Williamson and F. Wan.
  • "The role of suppliers in enabling differing innovation strategies of competing multinationals from emerging and advanced economies: German and Chinese automotive firms compared." Technovation, 2018, 70–71: 46-58. P. Hertenstein and P.J. Williamson.
  • "Emerging market multinationals and the concept of ownership advantages", International Journal of Emerging Markets, 2018, 13(3): 557-567. P.J. Williamson and F. Wan.
  • "An alternative benchmark for the validity of China’s GDP growth statistics", Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 2018, 16(2): 171-191. P.J. Williamson, S. Hoenderop and J. Hoenderop.
  • "Building and Leveraging Dynamic Capabilities: Insights from Accelerated Innovation in China", Global Strategy Journal, 6(3), 2016, pp. 197–210. P.J. Williamson.

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If you would like to be involved in any aspect of the Global Issues Dialogue Centre's work, please contact the Chair, Professor Peter Williamson, or the Deputy Director, Liying Guo

The College has a wide range of global initiatives, some of which have been in collaboration with Chinese organisations. Our work with China webpage contains details of all of our strategic work with China.

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