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Rustat Report on Ageing Well

Britons are living and working longer. How to respond to our ageing population is one of the most important and pressing issues facing policy makers today. We often hear about how older people pose a burden. But longer living presents a huge number of opportunities for individuals and societies. Critically, we must explore the benefits as well as the problems that ageing can present for government, industry, and society. At this Rustat Conference, we brought together leaders from business, government, the third sector, and research to discuss ageing in our society from a variety of perspectives.

We divided the conference into keynote addresses and four sessions, each with an introduction from experts in the field, followed by a roundtable discussion among all participants. Those sessions have been consolidated in this report to reflect the key themes of the day:
1. Improving Health and Well-Being
2. Political and Economic Needs
3. Caring for Older People
4. Harnessing Technology and Innovation

The Report also provides a "vision for the future" narrative by former Cambridge Student Rebecca Verlander, giving an idea of what it might be like to be an older person in 2050.

About the Rustat Conference Report

A report on the Conference and an Infographic is available for download.

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Authors: Jenny Vass and Dr Sarah Steele, with Tyler Shores

Infographic Design: Mat Hobson