Image of Photo of Veterinary Medicine student


Veterinary Medicine was the perfect course for me, since I’ve always wanted to work with animals but also have an interest in medicine. I chose Cambridge as, for the first three years, the course is essentially a normal science degree, and I loved studying Biology and Chemistry at school.

I visited Jesus College on an open day, and loved how much space there was and how friendly all the student ambassadors were. The free laundry facillities were a big bonus! Now that I’m here it really does feel like one big community, and I’m so pleased I chose it.

What I really love about Jesus is that all the accommodation is either inside the College or within a five-minute walk. No matter where you end up living, you can access all the facilities really easily. The library has pretty much any book you could ever need, and it’s an amazing place to work if you want to get out of your room. Caff (the cafeteria) always seems to have a million different options.

The work is challenging but interesting – the timetable is intense, but there’s still loads of time for socialising. Everyone on my course is so friendly and welcoming that you can go to literally anyone if you don’t understand something.

My favourite thing about Cambridge so far has been getting to meet people on my course and in the College, because everyone is super friendly! Learning anatomy and getting to study a completely different side of Biology than we did at school has been amazing too. I’ve loved every second of my time so far.

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