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Image of Modern and Medieval Languages

Cara and Naomi

Studying Modern and Medieval Languages (MML) at Jesus College is fantastic because we get to immerse ourselves in foreign cultures. The course is really exciting, engaging, and there's a really broad variety of disciplines that we study - literature, history, language classes, and speaking practice with a native speaker - which makes the course challenging and very rewarding.

MML is a popular subject at Jesus and we have teaching Fellows in all languages offered by the University, making it a really supportive and dynamic place to study the subject. In first year you get to study a really wide range of topics and this helps you to make informed choices on what to specialise in for your second and fourth years.

You spend the third year abroad which is an amazing opportunity to test everything you've learned and have extraordinary and unforgettable experiences. The MML community at Jesus is a really fun and friendly crowd - the best kind of people to study with!

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