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Geography at Cambridge is a hugely diverse course, which allows you to obtain a wider grasp on the world. The knowledge and skills gained from topics within both human and physical geography can complement a huge range of jobs! My favourite topic so far has been the Earth, as I find Volcanology incredibly interesting, although Geopolitics has also caught my eye. Next term we’ll be carrying out a project on air quality, which will involve data collection and practical application of our statistics modules. 

When I visited Cambridge on an open day, I was taken aback by how at home I felt at Jesus. With excellent accommodation and multiple on-site sports pitches, Jesus also had a community feel that I didn’t get as much from other Colleges. I still feel disbelief about the fact I live here when I walk through Chapel Court every day! With many societies and sports clubs to get involved with, there are plenty of opportunities to represent the College (for instance, as a student ambassador). 

Life at Cambridge isn’t always easy but it’s definitely worth it. I’ve particularly enjoyed supervisions so far, because I love discussing ideas that I’ve brought up in my essays. Being able to have a conversation with leading academics about a topic you’re passionate about is a real benefit of studying at Cambridge.

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