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Jenny Vass

Jenny is an experienced civil servant and has a developed interest in human resources. She acted as Rapporteur on the Jesus College Report on Reconfiguring Careers.

What are you working on now?

I'm Head of Network and Communities at the National Leadership Centre. It’s an organisation funded by HM Treasury and the Cabinet Office to support the most senior public sector leaders; those at CEO equivalent level across the public sector.

My team exists to bring this audience together in a variety of ways and to address the feeling that “it’s lonely at the top”. 

How has your career to date led to this?

I have worked across the Civil Service in a variety of strategy, recruitment and engagement roles - many of them focussed around how one brings together a community.  Much of this job is about communication and understanding what senior leaders need, so my time spent working with Ministers and Executive Teams has been invaluable. I also spent some time as a management consultant which helps with the commercial side of my role. 

What one thing would you most want someone to learn from what you’ve done or are doing now?

In a world of algorithms, hashtags and followers, know the importance of the human connection.

What do you think of Jesus College and the Intellectual Forum?

It’s a brilliant environment to engage on a wide range of topics - it takes you beyond your own specialism and opens the doors to experts and other perspectives. 

You can meet the rest of the Intellectual Forum team or contact us via email.

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