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The Madman in the White House

30 April 2024 19.30 - 20.45
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Frankopan Hall, West Court, CB5 8BQ

When the fate of millions rests on the decisions of a mentally compromised leader, what can one person do?

Disillusioned by President Woodrow Wilson’s destructive and irrational handling of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, a US diplomat named William C. Bullitt asked this very question. With the help of his friend Sigmund Freud, Bullitt set out to write a psychological analysis of the president, interviewing members of Wilson’s inner circle, his doctor, his secretary, and his most intimate advisers. After two years of collaboration, Bullitt and Freud signed off on a manuscript in April 1932. But the book was not published until 1966, and even then it was heavily redacted.

For nearly a century, the mysterious original manuscript was considered lost or destroyed. Then in 2014, while browsing the archives of Yale University, historian Patrick Weil happened upon the original Bullitt and Freud manuscript. Join Weil at the Intellectual Forum as, based on his reading of the original manuscript, he offers a major reassessment of Wilson, of 20th-century American diplomacy, and of how the mental health of a controversial American president shaped world events.

About the speaker

Patrick Weil is a French historian, senior research fellow at the National Research Center in the University of Paris1, Pantheon-Sorbonne and a Visiting Professor of Law at Yale Law School. Professor Weil's work focuses on comparative immigration, citizenship, and church-state law and policy. He is also the founder and chairman of the NGO Libraries Without Borders (Bibliothèques Sans Frontières).

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