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I was looking for a larger-sized College that had an active graduate community. Jesus College met that standard and then some! I was attracted to the wide range of activities and events on offer and I got the (accurate) impression that the graduate students in College were enthusiastically involved in everything from weekly Grad Hall to the annual Graduate Conference.

It was not until I arrived that I realised the full extent of what Jesus had to offer. I quickly came to appreciate the quality accommodation that is located both centrally and near College. Jesus has funds for conferences and research trips, something I hadn't even realised to look for. The new café is an ideal place to relax, grab a coffee, and get some work done.

I have been struck by the amazing group of people I have met through College. Many of my best friends in Cambridge are people from Jesus; as they're all in different fields, I never would have met them otherwise. The MCR is a fun group of fascinating people and led by a truly dedicated MCR Committee. But it's not just the students. The Master, Tim (our Graduate Tutor), and the Fellows all take a genuine interest in the graduate students. I am also convinced we have the friendliest bunch of porters, housekeepers, maintenance workers, catering staff, and College administrators in all of Cambridge!

Jesus College has been more than a College for me, but also a community and a home. I am so pleased with my selection and am confident any other prospective student would be too!

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