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Dr Daniel Moulin-Stożek

Fellow, Director of Studies in Education and PGCE
University Positions
University Associate Professor

Daniel Moulin-Stożek is a multi-disciplinary scholar working in the broad field of education, engaging with empirical and theoretical questions concerning religions and education, values and moral education and cognate areas.

Academic interests

Daniel Moulin-Stożek’s academic interests include: 

  • Philosophy and theory of education
  • Values and attitudes education
  • Religious education
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Moral and ethical education.

Degrees obtained

  • BA, Nottingham.
  • MEd, Exeter.
  • MSc, Oxford.
  • DPhil, Oxford.

Awards and prizes

  • Carmen Blacker Prize, Somerville College, Oxford 2012.
  • Boursier d'excellence, University of Geneva 2013.


Daniel Moulin-Stożek is an educational researcher. He uses a variety of disciplinary approaches to interrogate long-standing and contemporary problems in the broad and contested areas of religious education, values and moral education and cognate areas.

He is Assistant Editor of the Journal of Beliefs and Values and Cambridge Branch Secretary of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain. He is currently working on projects about the purpose of education in interreligious perspective and the function of narrative in moral exemplars. 

Other interests

Spain, allotment gardening, local and family histories, cargo bikes and kick scooters.

Publications, links and resources

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