Dr Albert Chen

Specialising in
Evolutionary biology and palaeontology

Albert Chen studies the origins, evolution, and interrelationships of birds and their close extinct relatives.

Academic interests

Albert's academic interests include: 

  • Evolution of birds
  • Phylogenetics
  • Vertebrate palaeontology
  • Comparative anatomy.

Degrees obtained

  • BS with Honors, University of Maryland.
  • MSc with Distinction, University of Bristol.
  • PhD, University of Bath.

Awards and prizes

  • Paleontological Society Allison R. “Pete” Palmer Student Research Award 2019.
  • Systematics Research Fund 2018.
  • Marc Lipella Memorial Scholarship 2014.


Albert Chen studies the evolutionary history of major animal groups, primarily birds and their close extinct relatives. Their research focuses on combining genetic data from living species with anatomical data from both living and fossil species to infer probable evolutionary relationships and patterns, creating a foundation for understanding the origins of modern biodiversity and organismal responses to key events in Earth history.

In 2020, Albert co-authored the paper naming Asteriornis maastrichtensis, one of the oldest known fossils of a modern-type bird, which became the focus of a temporary exhibit at the University of Cambridge’s Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.

Albert regularly participates in scientific outreach through a variety of outlets, including delivering public talks, writing popular articles, and producing infographics.

Other interests

Drawing, birding, cartoons.

Publications, links and resources

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