Watch Dr Clare Chambers argue against state-recognised marriage

You can now see College Fellow Dr Clare Chambers critiquing state-recognised marriage in this livestream of the Against Marriage event hosted by the Intellectual Forum.

Based on her book Against Marriage: An Egalitarian Defence of the Marriage-Free State, Dr Chambers argued that state-recognised marriage violates both equality and liberty, even when expanded to include same-sex couples. Instead she proposed the marriage-free state: an egalitarian state in which religious or secular marriages are permitted but have no legal status.

Dr Chambers answered questions from the audience including:

  • Could the proposals actually limit liberty because at present you can opt out of state intervention by not marrying?
  • Would the proposals create a bonanza for lawyers?
  • Why argue that marriage as it is now cannot be reformed?
  • Isn't marriage fundamentally about money and free labour? Would it be better to demand payment for childcare and housework to reform marriage?

The sold-out event on 15 October was run by the Intellectual Forum as part of the University's Festival of Ideas.

Dr Clare Chambers is Reader in Political Philosophy at the University and a Fellow of Jesus College.