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Image of Photo of Prof and Mrs White in the gardens at Jesus College

Professor Ian White says farewell to Jesus College

Professor Ian White (1977), Master of the College since 2011, has left the College to become the next Vice Chancellor of the University of Bath

Professor White has a long history of exceptional service to the College. He came up to the College as an undergraduate in 1977, receiving his BA in Electrical Sciences in 1980, his MA in 1984 and his PhD in Engineering in 1984. He was then appointed a Research Fellow at the College and Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Engineering, before leaving Cambridge in 1990 to become Professor of Physics at the University of Bath.

In 1996 he moved to the University of Bristol as Professor of Optical Communications. He returned to the University of Cambridge and Jesus College in 2001, when he was appointed the van Eck Professor of Engineering.

The Master’s wife, Margaret White, has also taken an active role in College life. She came up to the College in 1979 in the first cohort of female undergraduates. In addition to her role as Deputy Head Academic at St Faith’s School in Cambridge, Mrs White recently published a book called A Good Education.

In the College’s forthcoming alumni newsletter, the Master writes: “We move from Cambridge with considerable sadness and will miss Jesus College. It is in our view the best College in Cambridge—we would not want to be at another one. On the basis of applications, it is the most popular in Cambridge, with strong academic performance among the top handful of Colleges, while having outstanding extracurricular activities and student achievements alongside.”

As an Engineering Fellow, Senior Tutor Dr Geoff Parks has worked alongside the Master since he returned to the College in 2001. He said: “Ian and Margaret have shown tireless dedication to the College during their time here. They are known and loved by students, Fellows, and staff members alike. We wish them the very best of luck as they move to Bath.”

Professor James Clackson has been selected as Vice Master, with his term of office taking effect from 8 April 2019. Professor White will remain a Fellow of the College.


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