Professor James Clackson

Fellow, Fellows' Steward, Brian Buckley Fellow in Classics, Director of Studies in Classics (Michaelmas only)
University Positions
Professor of Comparative Philology

James Clackson is Professor of Comparative Philology. He has been a Fellow of Jesus since 1998 and Director of Studies in Classics since 1999.

Academic interests

James Clackson's academic interests include:

  • Latin and Greek
  • Comparative and historical linguistics (especially of the Indo-European language family)
  • Armenian.

Degrees obtained

  • MA, Cantab.
  • PhD, Cantab.

Awards and prizes

  • Philip Leverhulme Prize, 2001.

Other interests

The sea, food.

Publications, links and resources

  • Clackson, J. (2015) Language and Society in the Greek and Roman Worlds, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Clackson, J. ed, (2011) A Companion to the Latin Language, Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Clackson, J. (2007) Indo-European Linguistics, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Clackson, J. and Horrocks, G. (2007) The Blackwell History of the Latin Language, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Clackson, J. with A. Boud'hors, C. Louis, and P. Sijpesteijn eds, (2009) Monastic Estates in Late Antique and Early Islamic Egypt, Durham: American Society of Papyrologists.
  • Clackson, J. and Olsen, B. eds, (2004) Indo-European Word Formation, Copenhagen: Copenhagen.
  • Clackson, J. and Meißner, T. eds, (2002) Nominal Composition in Indo-European Languages. Transactions of the Philological Society, Vol. 100, issues 2-3.
  • Clackson, J. (1994) The Linguistic Relationship between Armenian and Greek, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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