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Director's Discussion on the Rise of Trump

At this Director's Discussion, Dr Julian Huppert, the newly appointed Director of the Intellectual Forum, chaired a panel comprising of Dr Jacob Eisler, Professor Juliet Mitchell, Dr Jeremy Green and Dr Greg Conti, who discussed the structural factors that enabled a Trump Presidency, and some of the normative questions that resulted from his victory.

The Discussion was popular amongst students and Fellows alike, and the newly completed Webb Library was full, as the panel challenged many conventional views of why Trump won, and what this means for the future of international relations and political theory. The panel considered questions like: What happens next? Is the world going to end in a nuclear fireball? What about energy policy?  How do we work on issues like the environment in light of his victory? What role did technology play, and what does this mean for the future?

This controversial and though-provoking discussion, encouraging interdiciplinary consideration, was well-received by all and marked a wonderful first internal event for the Intellectual Forum, a new centre in Jesus College's soon to be opened West Court.