Jeremy Green

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Professor Jeremy Green

Fellow, Director of Studies in History and Politics (Politics)
University Positions
Professor of Political Economy
Specialising in
International political economy
international relations

Jeremy Green is a University Professor of Political Economy and a Fellow of Jesus College.

Academic interests

Jeremy Green's academic interests include:

  • Global political economy
  • Political economy of green transition and the Anthropocene
  • International monetary politics
  • Anglo-American/British political economy
  • Money and central banking.

Degrees obtained

  • BA, University of Nottingham.
  • MA, University of Nottingham.
  • PhD, York University (Canada).


Jeremy Green’s research, writing, and teaching spans a wide range of topics within political economy.

His current work examines contemporary and historical dimensions of the political economy of green transition, exploring interactions between anthropogenic climate change and capitalism. He has previously written on the links between late capitalist development and international order in 19th century Europe, the post-war political economy of Anglo-American finance, globalisation, and British capitalism. His work is interdisciplinary in its orientation, drawing upon influences from politics, economics, historical sociology, and geography.

Before taking up a position at Cambridge, Jeremy was a Lecturer in Politics at the School of Sociology, Politics, and International Studies at the University of Bristol. He is co-founder and co-convenor of the Political Studies Association specialist group in Comparative and British Political Economy.

Other interests

Literature, art, documentary films, walking, cycling, Arsenal football club.

Publications, links and resources

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