Professor Vasco Carvalho

University Positions
Reader in Economics
Senior Keynes Fellow

Vasco M. Carvalho is currently University Reader and Senior Keynes Fellow in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge.

Academic interests

Vasco M. Carvalho's academic interests include:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Networks
  • Applied Econometrics.

Degrees obtained

  • PhD in Economics, University of Chicago.
  • MA in Economics, University of Chicago.
  • MPhil in Economics, University of Cambridge.
  • BA in Economics, Technical University of Lisbon.

Awards and prizes

  • British Academy Wiley Prize in Economics.
  • Senior Keynes Fellowship.
  • European Research Council Starting Investigator Grant.
  • Philip Leverhulme Prize in Economics.


Having gained his PhD at the University of Chicago, Vasco M. Carvalho was a Junior Researcher at CREI in Barcelona and Affiliated Assistant Professor at University Pompeu Fabra before joining the University of Cambridge in 2013. His research in macroeconomics focuses on production networks and sectoral interdependence.

He was awarded the 2014 Wiley Prize in Economics by the British Academy for "achievement in research by an outstanding early career economist". He is the Principal Investigator of the European Research Council grant 'MacroNets: Production Networks in Macroeconomics'. He is also a coordinator of the Cambridge-INET institute and a fellow of Jesus College.

Other interests

History, raising twins.

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Publications, links and resources


  • Carvalho, V.M. (2014) From micro to macro via production networks, Journal of Economic Perspectives.
  • Carvalho, V.M. (2013) The great diversification and its undoing (with X. Gabaix), American Economic Review.
  • Carvalho, V.M. (2012) The network origins of aggregate fluctuations (with D. Acemoglu, A. Ozdaglar & A. Tahbaz-Salehi), Econometrica.
  • Carvalho, V.M. (2012) Understanding bubbly episodes (with A. Martin & J. Ventura), American Economic Review P&P.
  • Carvalho, V.M. (2007) A note on common cycles, common trends and convergence (with A. C. Harvey & T. Trimbur), Journal of Business Economics and Statistics.
  • Carvalho, V.M. (2005) Convergence in the trends and cycles of euro-zone income (with A. C. Harvey), Journal of Applied Econometrics.
  • Carvalho, V.M. (2005) Growth, cycles and convergence in US regional time series (with A. C. Harvey), International Journal of Forecasting.

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