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I chose Jesus College because my PhD supervisor was Master of Jesus College at that time. Also, before starting my PhD, I attended a formal dinner at Jesus College where I met a diverse, interesting and fun group of graduates which made me keen to become a member of Jesus College. I was not to be disappointed. The Porters, staff and student members of Jesus College were extremely welcoming and supportive.

The graduate student committee arranged different social activities during the first two weeks of term. One that I particularly enjoyed was a dinner hosted by existing graduates at their homes in College accommodation. Each course was hosted at a different house with a different group of  new graduates. It was a great opportunity to meet other students and was particularly successful because the College accommodation, where we were hosted, is located in the immediate vicinity of the College (and the hosts had superb culinary skills). Throughout the year there were many opportunities to meet other graduates and staff such as at formal dinners, conferences, garden parties, yoga and through sporting activities.

The atmosphere at Jesus College is peaceful despite being walking distance from Cambridge city centre. The grounds are immaculate and there are many scenic spots in which to work, both indoors and outdoors. Jesus College is a nice mix of old and new buildings and provides the perfect setting for having a quiet moment, supervising undergraduates, hosting an event or catching up with friends.

Some highlights from my time at Jesus College include playing squash, rowing (Jesus College has one of the most successful rowing clubs) and attending choral evensong at the 12th Century chapel. My experience at Jesus College has been memorable and I have made lasting friendships with many fellow Jesuans.

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