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Trust in the Age of Intelligent Machines

14 July 2017
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West Court, Jesus College, Cambridge

Trust holds societies together and grounds our relationships. To flourish, we need to trust other people and the institutions on which we depend, including government and the media.

New, intelligent technologies are transforming how we interact with people and institutions, and challenging established patterns of trust. Algorithms increasingly guide what we see, read, hear and buy, and may soon make critical determinations with life and death consequences. Robots are taking on more roles in society, including caring for the most vulnerable, such as children and the elderly.

The potential benefits from intelligent technology are enormous. But we will only realise this potential if we can engender the appropriate level of trust in the machines, and maintain trust in each other as society changes.

This one day symposium, part of CFI’s 2017 annual conference, in partnership with Jesus College’s Intellectual Forum, will gather a wide range of experts from different sectors to map the future of trust in the age of intelligent machines.


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