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How to reach a nature-friendly future with Philip Lymbery

26 April 2023 19.30 - 20.45
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Worldwide we are faced with expansion of industrial farming, where mega-farms, chemicals, and animal cages are jeopardising the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the nature we treasure.

The food industry is threatening the planet to extinction: the world’s soils could be lost within a lifetime, as issued by the United Nations.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless by the scale of these challenges we face collectively and individually. But times of challenge are also times of opportunity: what can we do as a collective and what can each of us do as an individuals to make changes towards a sustainable future?

This event for the Cambridge University Alternative Protein Project, co-hosted with the Intellectual Forum together with Philip Lymbery, will tap into these opportunities and explore how what we buy and eat affects climate change. Philip will also share his hopes in the pioneers who are battling to bring landscapes back to life, who are rethinking farming methods, rediscovering traditional techniques, and developing technologies to feed the global population.

Philip’s final book in his trilogy, Sixty Harvests Left, was published last Autumn.

Online and in person.

Tickets are available on our Eventbrite.