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By Ellie, age 9.

Young scientists gather for a workshop on atoms

The world is made of atoms, but what does this mean?

On Saturday 27 March Dr Tiffany Harte gave an online workshop exploring what atoms are and how they combine to create the incredible world we see around us.

"It was wonderful to see the children’s artwork and their enthusiasm for science.”

Dr Tiffany Harte

During an afternoon of creative activities, a group of keen young scientists aged between 7 and 10  made recipe books to explore the structure of some of the most common types of atoms and how these come together to make some familiar objects – including you and me.

The workshop, part of the Cambridge Festival, was inspired by World of Atoms.

We hope to run this workshop again in the future - if you know a 7-10 year old who might be interested, their adult can sign up to our mailing list below.



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