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New leaders, new rules: an immersive workshop for aspiring leaders

We are in a leadership and motivational crisis today - as individuals, in our organisations, and as a society at large.

This interactive workshop with world-leading expert on leadership Sharath Jeevan OBE brought together aspiring leaders in the Jesus College and Cambridge communities to explore:

  • the 3 big external shifts that affect us as leaders: the shift from Kind to Wicked Problems, from Extrinsic to Intrinsic Motivation, & from Managing Talent to Nurturing Potential 
  • how we can build deep awareness from within (Intrinsic Leadership) to ground ourselves as leaders, and be truly authentic within and across our work and personal lives
  • how we can cut the umbilical cord with old "baggage" (particularly our own limiting assumptions, and social pressures to conform and compare)
  • how we can navigate direction, deeply motivate ourselves and others, and nurture our own potential and of those we lead
  • how we can take the first practical steps we can take to "show up", role model, and lead others powerfully and differently

The event was in the form of a highly interactive "Guided Journey" – we came out with a set of deep insights about ourselves as future leaders.