Image of Jesus College Award

Jesus College wins Green Impact award

We are delighted to have won a 2019-20 Green Impact Gold Award for our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Green Impact is the University of Cambridge’s environmental accreditation scheme. It supports and encourages departments and Colleges across the University in reducing their environmental impacts..

The auditors were very impressed by the College’s commitment to sustainability and how much is done on a day-to-day basis. They commented: "Jesus College is actively taking a role in reducing its environmental impact, more so within the catering system and within their green grounds. They are also actively engaging students and charities, which is amazing. We are particularly impressed by the A-Z sustainability guide, the wildlife pond, and the traffic light system in Hall.”

Alexis Moreau, the College Manciple, said: “We are very aware of the importance of doing our best to behave in a more sustainable manner. We continually challenge ourselves to find more sustainable ways of running the College and our conference service. The whole community has been wonderful at making suggestions and getting on board with our many initiatives.

“We are delighted that Green Impact has recognised everyone’s efforts, and want to thank all College members who volunteered their time and skills to make Jesus College a more sustainable place to live and work.”