Image of Artist's impression of the Venus flyby
© ESA Artist's impression of the Venus flyby

Inspiring leadership of the Solar Orbiter mission

Congratulations to Ian Walters (1979), Project Manager of Solar Orbiter (SO) at Airbus Defence and Space, who was awarded a Bronze Medal by the Royal Aeronautical Society for inspiring leadership of the Airbus team making the Solar Orbiter spacecraft.

SO is a satellite mission of ESA (in the footsteps of Helios, Ulysses, SOHO and the Cluster missions) to explore the inner regions of the sun and the heliosphere from a near-sun orbit.

Solar Orbiter has been performing extremely well in space since its launch in February 2020 and on 27 December flew over Venus to get a gravitational sling-shot towards the sun! Solar scientists across the world are very excited about the new science data coming in.

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