Image of Bioscience Panel

Hot topics in bioscience I wished I knew more about

On 13 March 2018, the Intellectual Forum hosted a panel of bioscientists from around the University of Cambridge to discuss the hot topics of the day for the Cambridge Science Festival.

They explored questions like: What is gene editing and why should I care? Can we cure Alzheimer's disease? What can I do with a stem cell? If I’ve got the obesity gene, does this mean I’m going to be obese? Nine crucial months: how does our health begin in the womb?

Featuring a star team of Dr Rachael Bashford-Rogers, Dr Sybil Stacpoole, Dr Jenny Hirst, Dr Tessa Sinnige, and Dr Emily Camm, this event was chaired by Dr Julian Huppert, and challenged the audience to consider a wide range of current and (hopefully!) future developments in the biosciences that could reshape the human experience.