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The experience economy with James Wallman

During the past year we’ve all endured dramatic changes to our everyday experiences.

At a time when our view of the world might seem more restricted than ever before, the quality of our experiences matter more than ever. 

Think about your own everyday habits: even during “off” time and “leisure” time, how often are you half paying attention whilst juggling screens or multitasking?

In this event at the Intellectual Forum, James Wallman, author of two international bestselling books (Stuffocation and Time And How To Spend It), encouraged us to think more deeply about the quality of our experiences, both big and small.

This event is now available to watch online.

More about the speaker:

James Wallman studied Entrepreneurship at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge and is the author of two international bestselling books - Stuffocation (Penguin, 2015) and Time And How To Spend It (Penguin, 2019).

He is a futurist who has spent years working with large scale organizations across the world. James's work focuses upon the experience economy – and rethinking experiences across a variety of contexts as well as how industries are adapting in a world changed dramatically since COVID-19.

This event was cohosted with the University of Cambridge's ThinkLab.

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