Image of Dr John Dudley sitting in front of a computer

Dr John Dudley wins the CIUK 2020 Jacky Pallas Memorial Award

College Postdoctoral Associate Dr John Dudley (2015) presented his work on "Probabilistic User Interface Design Strategies for Next-Generation Augmented Reality Applications" at CIUK 2020 on Thursday 3 December.

The Computing Insight UK (CIUK) 2020 Jacky Pallas Memorial Award is an annual award that highlights the work of an early career researcher and allows the award winner a slot in the main programme at the CIUK event. 

John describes his work below:

"Augmented Reality glasses enable the blending of virtual content into the physical world. This blending of the physical and virtual supports new forms of work and leisure but also introduces new challenges. As the capabilities of these devices continue to mature, we must also consider how to design and build compelling applications that fully leverage this new paradigm. However, building enjoyable and productive interfaces and interactions for Augmented Reality glasses necessitates a step change from the design of conventional experiences delivered on a computer, tablet or smartphone. A significant challenge introduced by the fully embodied experience afforded by Augmented Reality is the elevated uncertainty in interpreting user actions within the considerably expanded feasible design space. Our work seeks to address this challenge by developing an understanding of the uncertainty during user interactions, and applying methods that mitigate or eliminate its detrimental impact."

This article was first published by the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering and is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.