Image of Photo of Sir Douglas Flint delivery lecture

China's Belt and Road Initiative - understanding its potential impact

The second Michaelmas term 2019 China Centre 'China in the World' seminar was held on Thursday 24 October 2019 in the Webb Library. Sir Douglas Flint CBE delivered a lecture on understanding the potential impact of China's Belt and Road Initiative.

Sir Douglas Flint is former Group Chairman of HSBC, Chairman of Standard Life Aberdeen (SLA), and the UK Treasury’s Belt and Road Envoy. His lecture on China’s Belt and Road strategy attracted a ‘full house’ audience.

The lecture covered a wide range of topics connected with the Belt and Road, including the opportunities for China and challenges it faces; the opportunities for Western firms; the potential for the programme to contribute to development in the hugely diverse countries along the Silk Road; and the complex geo-political context. Sir Douglas's lecture emphasised the critical role of infrastructure in economic and social development.

The lecture stimulated a vigorous Q&A session.