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Call for submissions for Eliot's Face

Eliot’s Face, Jesus’s very own arts magazine, first began in 2000. Twenty years on, we’re opening up submissions for a special edition of Eliot’s Face - Eliot at 20! - to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Submissions are open to all members of the Jesus College community, past and present! We’re particularly keen to hear from alumni to try and represent the rich history of Eliot. 

We’re looking for a mixture of poetry, short prose, illustrations, witty anecdotes, flash fiction, photography, short commentaries, etc. etc. Anything that’s creative or that you think is art, especially things that are imperfect, a bit silly, a bit rough and ready, or completely new to you. Time to share the fruits of your new lockdown hobbies!

To start you off, here are some prompts: 

  • Play with the rules (better yet, discard them) - make something rigid bendy - imagine a world where rocks are soft and feathers are hard - make people fly
  • Make something ugly - a drawing of rotting fruit, a poem about litter on the pavement, a story about the dead bird that’s been sitting in the street for weeks
  • Change time - Speed things up. Slow them down. Reorder. Get rid of order altogether. Look to the past, and to the future. Ground something in the moment. Stretch that moment out infinitely. 

Art should be submitted via the Google form, where more specific guidelines can be found: 

Generally, poetry should be max 30 lines and prose max 500 words. Art should be suitable to fit on an A5 page (but it doesn’t have to take up the full page!). All forms of visual ‘art’ are welcome if we can print it!

Submissions close 31st May 2020. Happy creating! 

Lucy Bell and Olivia Emily, Second Year Undergraduates

Click here to view electronic versions of past issues of Eliot's Face.


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