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Image of Photo of blockchain
Photo: Deavmi. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Rustat Conference on blockchain beyond bitcoin

Blockchain beyond bitcoin was debated at the most recent Rustat Conference at Jesus College.

Speakers discussed:

  • Digital currencies issued by central banks and their impact on banking
  • Government services and blockchain, including pilot programmes and partnerships with private sector and academia
  • The investor’s perspective on blockchain applications beyond finance
  • Blockchain in energy sector: a trading platform for a new market
  • Humanitarian blockchain
  • Blockchain and the law, including regulation, accountability, responsibility, trust, privacy, identity and security
  • Governance of large, unregulated, decentralised systems. 

The full day conference on 29th September 2016 was attended by business, political and academic experts. The blockchain beyond bitcoin report is now available.

Rustat Conferences are held three times a year at Jesus College, Cambridge. Focusing on a different topic each time, they offer an opportunity for decision-makers from the frontlines of politics, business, finance, the media and education to discuss vital issues with academic experts.


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