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Rustat Conferences

The Rustat Conferences offer an opportunity for decision-makers from the frontlines of politics, business, finance, the media, and education to discuss the vital issues of the day with leading academic experts. 

The Conferences offer a unique opportunity for members to reflect, away from daily pressures, and deeply consider the crucial issues of our time. The independence and neutrality of the Conferences is widely welcomed as being essential to what we offer.

Reports are available for these events and we are always eager to hear from individuals and organisations willing to sponsor reports on the most vital issues faced today and in the future.

The Rustat Conferences are run on a not for profit basis and we are very thankful to our Rustat Conferences Members and sponsors.

We would delight in hearing from you about any past or future events, as well as about membership and sponsorship. Please contact either Dr Julian Huppert, our Director, or Georgia Orwell, our Administrator.

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