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China Centre, Jesus College

The China Centre aims to deepen mutual understanding between China and the West by 'using the past to serve the present' (gu wei jin yong). 

The Centre organises seminars, workshops and book launches involving scholars, policy makers and business people. The events represent a wide array of views in order to contribute to mutual understanding between China and the West.

Global challenges confronting humanity include health pandemics, species extinction, global warming, inequality of income and wealth, concentration of global business power, and instability of the global financial system. Both developed and developing countries are searching for non-ideological and pragmatic governance of the global political economy in order to meet the common interests of humanity, present and future.

Appreciating the history of China’s philosophy, politics, economy, society and culture enables a greater understanding of China today, and can contribute to harmonious global governance at this crossroads in human civilisation.

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Director – Professor Peter Nolan CBE
Tel: +44 (0)1223 760625

Administrator – Denise Hayles
Tel: +44 (0)1223 760625
Email: China Centre Administrator

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The College has a wide range of global initiatives, some of which have been in collaboration with Chinese organisations. Our work with China webpage contains details of all of our strategic work with China.

University of Peking’s Summer School in China

Each year Jesus College offers two students the opportunity to attend the PKU Summer School in Beijing, thanks to the generosity of Peking University and the Marshall Foundation. The Tutorial Office will contact all current undergraduates in Lent Term with full details of the programme and explain how to make an application. 

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